I have come to offer you my… assistance.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t represent Reddit and have no special knowledge of the scalability hackathon judging process. I am simply a humble Ethereum developer tending to my dapps.

On June 18th, Reddit announced The Great Reddit Scalability Bake-Off, requesting submissions from blockchain teams building scalability solutions that can support Reddit’s massive…

What interacting with Ethereum should feel like—fun! (Source)

Executing a series of Ethereum transactions is a huge pain, especially when some of those transactions are contract interactions. Project admins who frequently execute many transactions as part of their workflow would benefit from a GUI to organize and schedule their transactions.


  • Create and save custom transaction types generated from…

Ameen Soleimani

CEO at @SpankChain , Summoner of @MolochDAO , ConsenSys Alum

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