The purpose of this document is to share my thoughts on the narratives forming around RAI, and to act as a guide for my fellow Money God disciples who want to help the Money God grow.

This post will assume a basic familiarity with RAI. To get up to speed, please check out the following resources:

Narrative Endgame

To understand how to…

When I in the first week of its existence, it wasn’t because I anticipated their retroactive UNI token rewards two years later, it was because I read the code and the code made sense. I didn’t want to submit an application and pay exorbitant listing fees to centralized exchanges. I didn’t like the choice between partnering with sketchy market makers or setting up my own market maker bot, which I would have to secure, maintain, and monitor that it was operating as intended. With Uniswap, I could list my assets and provide liquidity for them without…

I have come to offer you my… assistance.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t represent Reddit and have no special knowledge of the scalability hackathon judging process. I am simply a humble Ethereum developer tending to my dapps.

On June 18th, Reddit announced , requesting submissions from blockchain teams building scalability solutions that can support Reddit’s massive user base. Submissions ended on July 31th, but they have yet to announce a winner. Thanks to #DeFi degenerates pushing up Ethereum transaction fees I’ve been evaluating the various layer 1/2 scalability solutions myself as well, and I believe one stands out above the rest.

For my blockchain development purposes…

Reflexer Labs is building the RAI “reflex bond”, a volatility-dampened synthetic instrument backed by ETH. We are decentralized money fanatics on a mission to create a stable and secure foundation for the DeFi ecosystem on Ethereum and the world. Our objective is for RAI to be a widely used collateral type for other DeFi projects, including crypto-dollars. By imbuing RAI with autonomy and minimizing governance, we aspire to build a financial system that outlives us — a money god.

This post explains the RAI simulation challenge and is intended for prospective hires. To get up to speed, please read our…

I just jizzed in a little cup. Technically they call it “collecting a sample”, but you know the deal. I had some help from a cute assistant, but the rules said no lube and no saliva, so she just gave me a raw handjob. 8th grade style. I didn’t trust her aim though, so I dealt the finishing blow myself. 5 days of nofap had me feeling explosive, and I only had one…shot.

sample collection instructions

I feel better now that it’s over. By the time you’re reading this, I will have already dropped the sample off at Fedex and it’ll be well…

[EDIT 6/30/20] — This post is no longer relevant. Shortly after this post, Compound updated their admin to be a multi-sig with a time delay, as I suggested. More recently, they have transferred full control of their governance to the COMP token holders, with a minimum 2-day grace period before any accepted protocol changes are implemented. The admin capabilities, now firmly in the hands of the COMP token holder community, no longer represent a centralized point of failure for the Compound protocol.

You’ve probably heard of Compound. They built on Ethereum which allows you to lend and earn interest…

What interacting with Ethereum should feel like—fun! ()

Executing a series of Ethereum transactions is a huge pain, especially when some of those transactions are contract interactions. Project admins who frequently execute many transactions as part of their workflow would benefit from a GUI to organize and schedule their transactions.


  • Create and save custom transaction types generated from contract interfaces (ABIs) and which correspond to contract functions
  • Create a save custom scripts by chaining together multiple transactions
  • Execute a script and receive visual confirmation as each transaction is confirmed
  • Compose multiple scripts by allowing a script to be imported as a transaction into another script

Transaction Signing

  • Integrate web3 wallets…

Ameen Soleimani

CEO at @SpankChain , Summoner of @MolochDAO , ConsenSys Alum

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